The best gift for kids throughout the world,
a gift that keeps on giving!

A Zoobooks subscription is perfect for:


  • Birthdays!
  • Graduations!
  • Christmas!
  • Hanukkah!
  • Happy Hippo Day! (the hippo made me throw that one in)
  • ...and any other gift-giving event!


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    Packed with animal action photos, astonishing and suprising facts, getting down to the "bare bones" of illustrations, jammed full of fun activities, games, puzzles, and no advertising! All for only $1.66 per issue!

    Simply fill out the Subscription Order Form. Include the person's name for whom the gift is intended, and your information so they know who it's from, and Zoobooks does the rest.

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    Neat, eh? Every time Zoobooks are read, you will be remembered!

    For a limited time, on this web site only, buy one subscription and get an additional one year subscription free. To order, click here

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