Have your products for sell within a week

  • Without a Website
  • Without the Hassle
  • At a fraction of the cost
If you don't have a website, if you do but it is not secure, if you don't have online processing systems in place, if you don't want the cost of design and production of your own store.

Let us offer your products at our Wildlife Mart General Store.

It's easy and inexpensive

How to become a Wildlife Mart Vendor

Decide which products and/or services you want to sell

Fax the Cooperative Sales and Marketing Agreement

Provide wholesale and suggested retail prices, and digital content to design your site

After Agreeing on Products and Prices:

WEBstationONE will coordinate the design, marketing and promotion of your site.

WEBstationONE will process all orders and secure on-line credit card transactions.

WEBstationONE will immediately credit your account for the wholesale price, plus shipping and handling charges.

WEBstationONE will forward orders to you for fulfillment once payment has been recieved.

Cooperative Sales and Marketing Agreement