With Zoobooks
  • 45% profit to your organization!!
  • All about animals, nature, and the environment
  • Approved by teachers, parents, and scientists
  • No advertising
  • No minimums or cost to organization

2% of proceeds donated to C.R.E.S.
(Center for Reproduction of Endangered Species)


Subscription Price  
(per subscription)
Profit to You 
(per subscription) 

6-months $ 9.95
12-months $ 19.95
24-months $ 34.90
Renewal $ 20.95
$ 4.50
$ 9.00
$ 13.00
$ 9.00

Zoobooks Fundraising is the answer for any organization who cares about children, education, animals, or the environment. Earn a full 45% - that's at least $4.50, and as much as $13.00 - every time you sell a subscription ! It's an easy way to generate the funds you're looking for without doing it 50 cents at a time because Zoobooks practically sell themselves!

Zoobooks encourage children to read while teaching them about the fascinating world of animals and what we can do to help them. We know how much kids love animals and that's why we donate 2% of the total sales on their behalf to the Center For The Reproduction Of Endangered Species.

Send us your name, organization, and phone number, and we will call you to develop a custom fundraising program. If you prefer, we will reply by e-mail. Let us know. Or, call (619) 578-2440 and ask for Julaine Chattaway or Debra Ives.

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